Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners

“Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners is the most valuable and useful resource dealing with adult learning. I've relied on it consistently since its first issue.”
– Esther S. Powell, director of adult student services, Winston-Salem State University, NC

With Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners you'll learn practical and innovative ways to attract and keep mature students -- and you'll get expert advice on adapting your programs to meet their particular needs. It is filled with strategies to to target your marketing and orientation to adult learners, encourage adult-friendly support systems, take advantage of new technologies, and more. With up-to-date analysis on:

  • Law regulating financial aid for students in professional programs
  • Serving student-veterans
  • Business partnerships for customized programs
  • Mentoring programs and counseling
  • Basic skills workshops
  • And more

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Get a heads-up on the latest recruitment and retention best practices
  2. Your colleagues offer solutions to common problems you face
  3. "Students Speak" -- insight and advice from the students' perspective
  4. "Managing Your Office" with practical resources and tips you can use
  5. Lawsuits and rulings so you can avoid legal landmines that other institution have faced

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Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners gives you in-depth coverage of developments in law and policy regulating financial aid, recruitment, and more. Our experienced editorial team helps you understand how to get your share of the adult market while staying out of legal hot water.

You'll also get the best practices in marketing to adults, like tracking inquiries, using Twitter and Facebook to attract prospects, and boosting enrollment by offering credit for prior learning in a way that doesn't compromise your institution's academic integrity.

Every month, Recruiting and Retaining Adult Learners delivers ongoing coverage of the issues you need to know and practical ideas you can implement today, in these featured columns:

Students Speak interviews adult students to give you tips on why they choose certain programs and insight on which supports they find valuable

Program Profile details other institutions' successful programs--such as how Hult International Business School more than doubled the enrollment of its unique MBA program in one year.

Lawsuits & Rulings give you updates on the latest court and OCR rulings involving adult students, adjunct faculty, students with disabilities, and more--so you can make sure your programs and policies are legally sound

Leaders & Innovators features expert advice and insight from leaders in the field of adult education and enrollment--so you can duplicate their successes.

Subscribe today and start benefiting from Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners. You'll be on your way to creating programs that attract and support mature students on your campus.

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  • Meet the Editor

    Joan Hope
    Managing Editor

    Joan Hope became editor of Recruiting and Retaining Adult Learners in 2014. She brings years of experience in higher education and journalism to her work.
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